The Design Collective was founded by two friends, Binu Wickramasinghe and Shahili Gomes, as a place to share their love for fashion, design, art and travel.

Shahili as a graduate of Imperial Business School with a keen eye for fashion honed in London and Copenhagen, Shahili was inspired to create the TDC concept store as a platform for South Asian designers. Binu found motivation for TDC from her expertise gained from working in the fashion industries of Delhi and London and in the dream of bringing a similar project to life in their home country of Sri Lanka.

TDC is aimed at promoting designers from Sri Lanka and elsewhere in South East Asia by providing a unique retail space in which to showcase their designs. TDC encourages group collaboration and female leadership in fashion.

The retail space boasts an interactive shared work area, in which designers and customers engage and exchange ideas. TDC is a place not just to buy and sell, but to learn and create.